Jesse Iman
Iman in 2011

Full Name Jesse Alexander Iman
Age 26 Years Old
Class 1 ~ SP
Ethnicity Brazilian/Japanese
World ranking #1
Signature J iman

Jesse "Alford" Iman (born December 16, 1987) is the current #1 ranked racer in the world. He is also the fastest rookie to achieve the #1 World ranking and the top 10 world rankings. While being close friends with rival B. Busto and A. Brown, he was also coached under former world champion Joe Machamarie. He has also been 2nd since Matt Mchale to achieve 400 km/h on a car during a race. 

Iman first gained attention when winning the Class 1 International Cup. During the tournament, class 1~2 veteran Chris Sideman's winning streak of 12 tourneys was broken causing turmoil among fans and officials. In 2008, Iman won the Class 3 U.S. Tournament and the The Class 4 Japanese TournamentClass 4 Japanese Tournament. 2 months later, he was already racing with renowned professional racers such as Kenji Yoshida, Joe Machamarie, Ben Lietherson, and Seth McCartney.

Iman is currently living by himself in a house along the shores of Pacific Grove. Although it is often closed to visitors, for he is rarely home, it is widely considered a popular tourist attraction. In 2011, he was rumored to have been having romantic relationships with actress Jenny Wilson. Although it is still unclear whether it was true or not, but Iman claims that his current status is "single".

Early life Edit

Jesse Alexander "Alford" Iman was born in Memphis Tennessee, and is the son of Lynette Iman and Club Iman a former class 2 racer. He lived along with siblings Donald (born 1982), Kammi (born 1987), and George (born 1988). After his 12th birthday, he was introduced to the world of Legend Racing at the Midfield National Racing Park. His parents later described him as a racing "addict" who never stopped thinking about driving.

At the age of 15