Brian Busto
Full Name Brian Tyler Busto
Age 29
Class 1 ~ SP
Ethnicity American
World ranking #2

Brian "Ty" Busto is a long time rival of Iman. He is one of the younger racers to drive in the 6th Class along with A. Brown. He has won many International 4th Class Cups and 2 6th Class domestic championships. In team races he and 3 other members have won 2 cups. 

Busto gained his reputation as an aggressive racer in 2003 when he first raced at the early age of 19. Although humiliated, he overtook many of the racers in a violent manner and won the race with a great distance between himself and 2nd place racer Kyle Tison. Afterwards, he moved on to race in the 2nd class where he beat J. Kishima to gain more attention than before. He went on to win 4th class and get nominated for his first 4th Class International Cup which he produced better-than-average results in. After becoming a regular in the 6th class races, he has tried out the special class is still trying it today with his current coach Joe Machamarie.